One can’t help but get the impression that Marc and his equally talented sons, Charles and Julien de Luca work very much as one entity; sharing their workload, respecting each other’s vision and continually collaborating together to retain the house’s hard-won reputation as one of the best tailors on earth.

by Aleks Cvetkovic



Our company values are the reflection of the goals and ambitions of all of our craftswomen and craftsmen

Sharing the know-how

Entering this Parisian workshop, you are struck by each person's concentration and the general feeling of harmony. All men and women working here day-to-day share the same sense of elegance: the veterans and the trainees, those who know and the curious ones who are restless to learn

Reaching excellence

Each day, the life of the workshop is organized around each person´s meticulous tasks, and everyone is conscious that excellence is the result of teamwork


It takes at least 80 hours and five people to make a suit, and it´s the solidarity between the different talents and skills that accounts for its quality. Each step requires a specific attention driven by one of our expert


Trust need to be earned and is built with consistency

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